For Light Workers/Warriors, (parents of) Indigo’s, Chrystals, Rainbows, Highly Sensitives

Life Coach - Esther Mulders

Life Coach Esther Mulders is an experienced expert in the problems that lightworkers and indigos face in today’s society. 20 years working as a lawyer, combined with her training as a mediator and life coach make her a confidential mentor for lightworkers and indigos. For more information please read the text with the inscription Who I am beneath.

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Change of consciousness

We live in a time where earth and human civilization are on a crossroad. The unlimited economical growth and consumption are no longer maintainable, the earth is being polluted and depleted. Humanity has to grow up and see that only cooperation on a global scale, free of differences in nationality or religion, can lead to solutions where respect for the earth and all her inhabitants the most important. Only then we can take on the challenges we face like climate change, reduced sources (like water, oil), population growth and poverty.

A new consciousness is required. The group of people that is already involved in the new consciousness is relatively small but growing. In the Netherland this is evident, for example, from the existence of the Party of the Animals. This party does not only focus on animal rights but also on environmental issues, the unlimited consumption and compassion. The group of people involved in these subjects related issues are called Lightworkers en/or Indigos. I am not fond of classifying people but we do need a framework from which people can find information and reach out to each other. Therefore I will use this terminology.
Lightworkers and indigos no longer only see the world from a scientific materialistic perspective that dominated the world for over 400 years. In the new worldview the universe has her own individual consciousness, as has every atom, human, planet. Everything is conscious and goes through a creative process in which everything is individual and one – connected - at the same time.

The new worldview is accompanied by a shift in values: from a materialistic to a humanitarian-spiritual worldview. A higher consciousness, an eye for spiritual growth and taking responsibility for the environment are as important as economic success and consumption. Some of these values are:

- equivalence of all people no matter pigment, sexual preference, nationality, religion, reflected in equal rights to prosperity, health, livelihood and safety
- respect for earth, nature, animals, reflecting in eating less or no meat/fish/animal products and biological farming
- more appreciation for intuition next to reason, more room for spirituality
- compassion for people who have less than you, reflecting in a wish to help these people
- no traditional division of roles for man and woman, reflecting in a society where everybody can be her/himself and in which traditional ‘male’ values as hierarchy, exploitation, aggression make way for traditional ‘female’ values as cooperation, love and taking care of each other

A lot of lightworkers and indigos experience resistance in their life and are having trouble with the fact that most of the world still has the old conscious. It is very important to reach out to and help each other finding our place in society and handle the resistance. I would like to contribute with this site and my coaching. For the specific characteristics of lightworkers and indigos I refer you to the pages on my website stating Lightworkers and Indigos.

For more information about the change and lightworkers I gladly refer you to the website of Pamela Kribbe,


In this era there is a group of people making the change to a new consciousness. A consciousness without duality, realizing everything is one. These people long for love, freedom and spreading their light on earth: lightworkers.

Lightworkers often feel that they are different from other people, outsiders. They can be very soloist and find it hard to fit in the fixed social structures. They have a higher consciousness than others, more conscious of their surroundings. Surviving in the current society is hard.

Are you a lightworker? There are certain characteristics that most lightworkers have.


- you are being drawn to a form of assisting other people
- living and working within the fixed structures of society is hard
- you have a (huge) anti-authoritarian temperament
- you have a spiritual life awareness
- you feel foreign in earths reality
- you have a natural respect for all aspects of life: love for animals, nature, taking care of the environment. You become sad of all the aggression against the animal- and vegetable kingdoms
- you are sensitive and empathetic, you could have trouble with aggression and standing up for yourself
- you pick up (negative) emotions of others quickly, it is necessary to withdraw regularly

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Indigos (Chrystals/Rainbows)


- you are highly sensitive
- you have the mind of a warrior
- you have much (indigo) blue in your aura
- you are not much attached to being a man or a woman, not for yourself as when looking for a partner
- you have difficulty with deceit, lying, fakeness
- you have a strong sense of justice
- you see through the old systems and structures as not viable anymore
- you are often tired of living in the current society and wants to get out
- you feel a strong bond with nature
- you have a mission to help and change the world in a positive way
- you have a strong sense of responsibility
- you are insensitive to authority
- you have a spiritual way of living
- you have a strong connection to the spirit world
- you have a spiritual gift, you are intuitive, emphatic
- you have an eye for beauty, especially the little things like a beautiful autumn leave
- you have a lot of humor that often is not understood
- you look right through appearances and masks en feel exactly how someone is (feeling)
- you feel at one with everything
- indigo children often know their origin at a very young age, they are creative and original. They see more logic connections and are open to new paths and discoveries.

All or some of these characteristics can, because they are deviating from the standard, lead to the fact that you haven’t found your place in society, aren’t happy or that you just want to talk to someone on the same wavelength.

Are you an indigo or do you have indigo children (or chrystal or rainbow) and you want to talk about it or need coaching?
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Seeing entities

I have had several spiritual experiences, among which seeing several entities, which are referred to as supernatural in today’s society. However, I think that these experiences are part of (our) nature and that we are estranged from it. That is a pity because these experiences are so useful in getting an idea of the basis of life, in being conscious of living your life and in giving some peace regarding the cycle of life and death.

Do you see entities and want to talk about it or do you need help handling this? Please fill in your data beneath and I will contact you for an appointment, face to face or via Skype/mail/phone if you wish.


In a session we will start with your story and talk about the things you run into in your life. A session can be held inside my office but also during a walk in the Scheepvaartkwartier or the Park in Rotterdam, via Skype, Facetime, phone or mail.

A session of one hour is € 75.

Who I am

My name is Esther Angela Mulders. In daily life I am an intellectual property lawyer in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, assisting people with conflicts mainly of a financial nature. I assist photographers and artists if there work is infringed upon, so they can financially survive and make beautiful photo’s and art work. I love my job but it can only take you so far. There is more to life than finances like maybe even more important things as spiritual and physical balance. Helping people from a spiritual and philosophical context is therefore also important to me. Next to being a lawyer for more than 20 years, I am a trained mediator and life coach.

My background having a rational Dutch mother and a father who is shaman with Indian roots, has taught me to live life both rationally and spiritually. It’s all about balance. In my personal and business life I meet a lot of unbalanced, unhappy people. It would be so great if they – from their own strength and possibilities -could have a happy life. Since I am an indigo-lightworker, and therefore a real life expert, I especially focus on indigos and lightworkers and their specific problems. These people are the vanguard of the necessary change of consciousness. If they are happy, the world is heading in the right direction!

If you want to make an appointment with me, this is possible on Tuesday and Thursday in Rotterdam or on other workdays for appointments by Skype/mail/telephone. Please mail to or fill in the contact form beneath.